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Let’s face it – every nutrition decision you make starts in the grocery store. And if you don’t know what foods to choose…and which to lose, you will continue to struggle in achieving that lean, healthy body you’ve desired.

Over 90% of shoppers make impulse buys – impulse buys will sabotage your goals!

The “Is Your Grocery Store Making You Fat: How to Shop to Shed the Pounds” DVD takes you step by step – virtually holding your hand – through every aisle in the grocery store, to show you the exact tools only our most successful clients know…

…and now you will know them too to be more successful and reach your goals faster.

Is Your Grocery Store Making You Fat? DVD

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If you look in the mirror and are not happy with your body, then it’s time to do something different.  And if you’re not happy, ask yourself "Why not?"

  • Are you unsure of what it takes to lose weight?
  • Do you struggle with making exercise permanent?
  • Are you confused with all the misinformation force fed to you through the media?

All of these could be true, but you know what—the foods you eat (or don’t eat) are holding you back from permanent weight loss success!

Imagine, for one moment, that you could become leaner, healthier, stronger, and have more energy permanently…but only if you knew the information covered on this DVD, including:

  • THE #1 secret to grocery shopping that will make or break your efforts…few people know this!
  • How to avoid tricks that marketers use tomake you hungrier to buy their food, even if it’s not what you want to buy (Hint: fast food companies do the same thing);
  • HOW to read a food label, keying in on ingredients that will enhance your body transformation…and others that can sabotage your goals;
  • How "healthy" salad bars can backfire and cause weight gain!
  • The truth about organic foods – are they all that they are cracked up to be?
  • And much, much more…

“I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for this DVD! Marc and I are both extremely busy – we work full time and spend our free-time training for endurance triathlon events. We simply do not have a lot of extra time to page through cookbooks on end to search for ‘healthy’ recipes to help us maintain our active lifestyle.  This DVD really simplified our shopping experiences at the market by dispelling the confusion of marketing claims and food labels. We are able to make sound nutritious decisions with minimal effort due to Chris and Kara’s help. This DVD is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for a little guidance in the market!

Erin and Marc Seaverson, Minneapolis, MN

Walking through the grocery store is like walking through land mines…with foods that could literally kill you over time!  It’s not uncommon to feel as if you’re failing at transforming your body because you struggle with what to buy – there are over 50,000 options at the store and coupons, marketing, and end of the aisle displays are testing your willpower.  The Is Your Grocery Store Making You Fat? DVD will show you the exact path to take to make sure you can never fail again!

Is Your Grocery Store Making You Fat? is a step by step guide through the grocery store by Drs. Chris and Kara Mohr, two of the countries leading nutrition and wellness experts, who teach you the exact steps to take from the moment you park your car to the second you check out!  It’s the next best thing to having them lead you through the grocery store in person

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Getting the results you want starts in the Grocery Store…

…and continues in your kitchen.

Your own kitchen can be hurting your permanent weight loss efforts.  But it doesn’t have to.

Learn all the top secrets to lose weight and get the permanent results you earned with “Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat: Lean Secrets from Behind Cupboard Doors

Here’s just some of the powerful information in this DVD:

  • One simple strategy that can slash your calorie intake by 22%
  • A common kitchen item that can bring your fat loss to a screeching halt
  • How deceptive food labels can sabotage your goals – unless you know this strategy
  • What incredibly healthy food could actually slow your results without knowing our trick
  • How a common product that costs < $0.10 can help you reach your goals
  • How an everyday product used for cleaning can reduce your calories
  • And much, much more…
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