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Your Salad is Making YOU Fat

I spent last week in Iceland — incredible trip.  Amazing country.  And really enjoyed the group we presented to.

While talking, someone raised her hand and asked about a client who "only eats salads, but can’t lose any weight."  She wanted to know if I had any suggestions.

Here’s the deal — people think salads are GREAT!  And they can be. But they can literally destroy your body too.

Load them up with cheese, bacon, creamy dressings, nuts and you can pack a major "dose" of calories.  A restaurant Cobb Salad can pack nearly 100 grams of fat, 1000+ calories, and nearly 2000 mg of sodium!

Caesar is just as bad with 1 days worth of calories and fat in just that meal!  And you think you’re doing something healthy!

Here’s how to build a fat burning salad like you wouldn’t believe… Start with a base of spinach, add some fresh seasonal fruit (berries, peaches, apples, oranges, etc), a variety of veggies, some raw nuts, and avocado. Add some wild salmon or grilled chicken breast and that’s a meal you can’t compete with.

In fact, I just finished that exact meal up myself — we had leftover wild salmon we grilled, so put that on there, then loads of spinach, tomatoes from our garden, avocado, squash, and a little shredded carrot.  Good stuff!

Do you have a favorite salad? Let us know below!

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