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One of the Biggest Struggles with Nutrition

"I can’t eat vegetables … I don’t like any of them." That’s what one of our clients recently told us. None.  She said she doesn’t like ANY of them … can’t stomach them. To be honest, she’s not far off from the rest of the population.  A recent study showed just 25% of the population […]

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Sugar: More Addictive than Drugs?

We talked recently about the dangers of sugar — an ingredient (among others) that is killing us!  A friend of ours — Jeff O’Connell — just published a book, Sugar Nation: The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat It, that is starting to gain some serious attention about this […]

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5 Fat Loss Mistakes!

Our goal isn’t just to talk about losing fat.  Anyone can lose fat, fast. What’s more important is discussing how to lose fat permanently! And I say lose "fat" because some weight is good — we don’t encourage muscle loss, so focus on body fat and you’ll be golden. Just the other day I was […]

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The KEY to Permanent Fat Loss

There are a lot of factors that play a role with permanent fat loss… Training. Eating. Sleep. And more.  But then within each there are even more … what type of training are you doing?  How often?  What’s the intensity. Same goes for nutrition — portions, food choices, do you eat breakfast, meal frequency, etc. […]

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