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Do WE buy organic foods?

I’m just on my way back from the Perform Better conference.  I’m on their speaking circuit and the first of the three Summits they have each year was this past weekend in Providence.  Great group of attendees and fellow speakers. As I was talking, the topic of organic foods came up.  I shared some of […]

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Are you eating enough of these?

Most "diets" tell you everything you shouldn’t eat. We think that’s useless. Who wants to think of deprivation?  Starvation?  Your goal isn’t to just burn belly fat, but it’s to burn belly fat FOREVER! Who wants a quick fix diet that doesn’t last forever? At Mohr Results, we focus on everything you SHOULD eat and […]

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Sugar: More Addictive than Drugs?

We talked recently about the dangers of sugar — an ingredient (among others) that is killing us!  A friend of ours — Jeff O’Connell — just published a book, Sugar Nation: The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat It, that is starting to gain some serious attention about this […]

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5 Fat Loss Mistakes!

Our goal isn’t just to talk about losing fat.  Anyone can lose fat, fast. What’s more important is discussing how to lose fat permanently! And I say lose "fat" because some weight is good — we don’t encourage muscle loss, so focus on body fat and you’ll be golden. Just the other day I was […]

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Organic Foods are a Waste of Money?

Organic foods are hot – more and more consumers are looking for the term "organic." But is organic "stuff" worth the extra money?  Sometimes organic produce costs at least double what "conventional" produce costs. So why do people spend the extra money? 1. Less pesticides 2. More nutrients 3. More flavor But are these valid […]

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