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One of the Biggest Struggles with Nutrition

"I can’t eat vegetables … I don’t like any of them." That’s what one of our clients recently told us. None.  She said she doesn’t like ANY of them … can’t stomach them. To be honest, she’s not far off from the rest of the population.  A recent study showed just 25% of the population […]

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Food Flips for Weight Loss

When people think about what it takes to lose weight, the first thought is usually "I have to give up my favorite foods" or "Well I can’t eat that anymore."  But what if you shifted your thinking from wondering what you have to give up to thinking about simple swaps to boost fat loss and […]

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Fat Loss Secret Weapon

Many overweight people in the USA have “sitting disease” and would lose weight if they did more walking, standing and moving around during the day, says endocrinologist James Levine of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

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