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We went out with some friends last night.  Our previous neighbors who are both musicians invited us to an event they were hosting in their new condo.  The event was centered around another musician who lives in Louisville, but is pretty well known in the music circles as a professional classical and jazz pianist.

Admittedly neither of us are into that type of music, but we went to show them support.

And to be honest, we we’re both more than impressed.

Of course Mr. Pickens is super talented, but throughout all his travels, teachings and worldly experiences, he actually shared some very cool and inspiring stories.

At one point in the night, he stopped playing and talked about the importance of two words.

Show. Up.

He was referring to being present.  Wherever you are.

With a spouse in conversation.  Not distracted by your phone or whatever else.

With co workers.

With yourself.

With your kids.

With whatever you are doing.  At the gym.  Cooking.  It doesn’t matter.

Show. Up.

It actually hit home today when I was at the gym.

After going out with our friends, having a couple drinks with them …

…then going to bed later than “normal” I struggled a bit to get up this morning to get there.  But for me, if it’s not done in the morning, it’s not done.

In my head, while contemplating staying in bed or going …

… I was reminded to “SHOW. UP.”

I went, had a great workout and glad I did.

Then it was interesting.  I was in the locker room afterwards and overheard a conversation between two guys.

“How was your weekend?”

“Well, it was the weekend.  Now it’s Monday – back to the daily grind.  Another week ahead.  Always something to do.”

And the tone in his voice was very lackluster and not at all excited.  In fact, it was just the opposite.

There was a lack of control.  If I were to ask him about his day, he certainly would have been complaining about being “busy” … and “working for the man” …

Sad reality, actually.

What can you do to “Show. Up” today?

Maybe during dinner time with your family you can turn off the TV.  Actually have a real conversation.

Put your phones in another room so there is no buzzing, beeping and people staring into their laps while pretending to have conversations with people who are actually in front of them.

Show. Up.

Be engaged.
We’re actually both looking into a meditation program to use each day.  Help us focus more.  We’ll let you know more once we dig in further into this …Help us be more engaged.  With each other.  With our kids.  With work.

And it all comes back to these two words.

Show. Up.

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  1. carol miller January 27, 2014 at 5:21 pm #

    I really enjoyed this post. so true SHOW UP be in the moment. Thank You

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