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Real Foods Challenge

Ifoods to lose fatt’s the time of year when everyone is making lists. 

Lists of what they need to accomplish in 2010.  Lists of what will be accomplished in 2011. 

Usually on top of the "resolution" list is to lose weight.

But rather than just tell yourself you want to lose weight, we have a REAL Challenge for you.

Losing weight is the endpoint goal.

Rather than looking at the endpoint, though, what about the process it takes to get there?

What we call "Process Goals."

And we’re putting out a process goal challenge for you — not just to lose weight, but completely change your life by giving you more energy, decreasing how often you get sick, allowing you to focus more, your skin will improve and much, much more.


It’s not a magic pill or potion.

It’s eating REAL FOODS.  Crazy, right?

What does that mean?

Eliminating packaged junk.

Going through your kitchen and tossing out processed food coloring that is sold as "food" (think chips, candy, etc)

Not drinking liquid sugar, more commonly called soda (or any other sugary drink loaded with calories).

Instead of those, Real Foods are:

  • Foods that fuel your body
  • Foods that have very few ingredients and are ones that you can actually pronounce

Foods that make the cuts include nuts (all types), veggies and fruit, wild seafood, beans, grains like quinoa, free range eggs and chicken, grass fed beef.  Ideally a lot of these will come from a local farmers market — of course that’s dependent on where you live and the climate — but the more local, the higher the nutrients, so aim to take advantage of Farmer’s Markets when possible. 

Does this mean you’ll have to cook some?  Sure does. (Pick up a magazine like Eating Well for ideas or consider our friends new cookbook with 134 unique recipes that fit our "real food challenge."

Does this mean the drive thru won’t be a regular stop for lunch or on the way home anymore?  Yup

Does this mean you’ll save a TON of money because eating out is expensive?  For sure.

And you know what else — you’ll feel like you’ve never felt before.

It has nothing to do with what the scale says — sure, that may move in the direction you want it as a results of eating REAL FOODS — but it’s not the goal of doing this.

Taking action is how you will achieve whatever it is you want.  Until then, success will be a struggle.



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