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Post Pig-Out Plan

Last night was our Wedding Anniversary.

Our sitter came over so we could go out and spend some time on our own.

We started with some appetizers.  Had a nice dinner.  Great wine.  And dessert.alcohol and weight gain

The food was absolutely incredible.  But when all was said and done, we both definitely had that feeling of "whoa, I think I ate and drank TOO much!" 

Now, admittedly it’s rare that we both have that feeling — while nice, we’re not usually have 3 course meals and wine every night.

But this wasn’t a time to panic that we overate and completely blew our cover of living a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately many people do this regularly — eat way too much — than panic that they "blew it" and are completely off the bandwagon for good!

Or maybe you’ve had this thought yourself:

"Wow, I was out with friends all night for a friends birthday and could NOT stop eating the cake, drinking the wine, and topped it all off with some ice cream!  I’ll just spend a few hours tomorrow doing cardio at the gym to make up for it."

Let’s be realistic.

First, trying to negate those added calories with some extra cardio would take about 5+hours.

If we assume you packed away 1500 or so calories, that would mean you have to run or walk 15 miles, if you’re trying to go calorie for calorie. 

Let’s face it — that ain’t gonna happen!

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting not doing anything, but work up a true sweat and get that heart going!  Do some intervals.  Add in some weights.  Burn serious calories!

And simply move more throughout the day to lose weight — try to get in a few 10 or so minute walks.  Enjoy the weather and get outside during the day.  You’ll feel better in general.

The next day food wise — cut back just a bit. 

Since we used wine in our example (and drank a bit more than usual ourselves last night), definitely load up on water the next day to rehydrate.  You’ll not only feel better, but often thirst is mistaken for hunger, so if you’re dehydrated it’s likely you’ll eat more.  Aim to drink at least half your body weight in oz. 

Fill up with veggies and fruits.  They keep you full, are loaded with fiber and other nutrients, yet won’t fill you out with a ton of calories.

Don’t beat yourself up over 1 splurge.  1 meal isn’t going to make or break success.  If it takes 3500 calories to equal 1 lb, the key is to get right back on track and not continue to overindulge, rationalizing your behaviors and saying that you’ll simply "start the diet again on Monday." 

Use those 3 Simple Strategies to Beat the Post Pig Out Blues next time you’re in that situation!


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