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Please Eat Farmed Fish (SERIOUSLY!)

YES, I’m serious … we just suggested you EAT FARMED FISH.

This is no joke.  Watch this video I created. 


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2 Responses to Please Eat Farmed Fish (SERIOUSLY!)

  1. MaryJo January 25, 2012 at 6:58 am #

    Dr. Chris Mohr –

    Taken by surprise, was I, with this recommendation. However, as I am planning my CostCo shopping trip, Baramundi is now on my list and will soon be in my cart!

    I also liked the fact that you commented on the taste/flavor of this fish. I don’t know if I would have tried it otherwise.

    Unfortunately, too many of the sea and ocean swimming proteins have odd flavors, which does keep many (most) from trying anything new – or even old. So having a third-party perspective on taste is great! Thanks!

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