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Organic Foods or Local — which is best?

Organic is hot — everything from produce to cereal, energy bars to oats are labeled “organic” these days.

That’s a debate in and of itself, though…but truly more important than organic, is local. A vegetable picked from a farm down the road from you is going to offer more flavor and nutrients than organic produce that has been shipped across the world.

That is where Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) comes into play. In a nutshell, this means you buy a share of a local farm, get a weekly (or sometimes monthly, depending on the farm), delivery of the farms crops for around $450-500 for 6 months (about $20/week).

Most guarantee nothing is picked more than 24 hours prior to when you get it, meaning it tastes the best, the nutrients are highest, and you’re supporting your local farm. A true win win all around.

For those in Louisville, check out all the local options by clicking HERE. For those outside of Louisville, go to to find a CSA near you.

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