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New Year’s Resolutions–Merely Excuses or a Useful Jumpstart?

With a 3 week old daughter at home, sleep is often hard to come by.

And lately that’s been true, as Sophia has been particularly "needy" at different times throughout the night.

Frustrating as it is, her little smile at 1:30 AM is cute enough to make that frustration quickly disappear.

Fortunately the other night I also had a bit of an epiphany, so all in all, it was a productive "middle of the night" stint.

And my epiphany was this "New Year’s Resolutions are merely excuses for what you don’t want to start today."

You see, at Mohr Results, we’re huge proponents of writing goals and working daily to achieve them.  In our women’s only boot camp in Louisville we do the same — have various challenges throughout the year and actually don’t do anything like it on January 1. 

We’re NOT fans of waiting until January 1st to set anything.

What’s magical about THAT day?

Start today and you’ll be ahead of the proverbial 8-ball.

If I wanted to lose fat, why should I wait an extra 3 weeks from today to get started…when I can easily lose 5-10 lbs in that time?

In the meantime, use these 5 Goal Achieving Strategies to help you set and achieve whatever you want from this point forward!

  1. Write Down Your Goals.  Unless you write them down and "visit" them daily, they will get lost in the shuffle and excitement of new, daily issues and challenges.  Case in point — when Kara and I were on a recent road trip, she had a pad and we were creating a list of things we needed to take care of when we got home.  Two pages later, we were done … do you think we would have remembered all of them if they weren’t written?  Not a chance.  On the flip side, I’m happy to say that entire list has been crossed off.
  2. Don’t judge your own goals — and don’t let anyone else judge them either! If you are consistently second guessing yourself, or your spouse, co-workers, or anyone else is second guessing you, you’ll struggle to be ultimately successful.  Assume there was NO limit, NO "ceiling" and NOTHING could get in your way.  With that being the case, what can you dream of accomplishing?
  3. Think HUGE.  What’s the one goal that REALLY makes you step outside that confining box that so many of us live in?  Is it a certain body weight, certain look, certain income level, etc.  Nothing is out of your reach, as long as you put the time in to achieve it.
  4. Write your goals in the positive.  Never focus on problems, only focus on solutions.  Rather than "I want to lose this weight I’ve struggled with for years," write "I weigh xxx lbs by January 30th, 2010 (or whatever date you choose)."
  5. Be sure your goals are YOUR goals.  If your goals are influenced by the anyone but you, you’ll never truly "own" them — and when you don’t own them, you won’t achieve them (or if you do, it will be short lived).

Finish 2011 STRONGER than how you started!

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  1. Jackie December 9, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    Wow! I needed this today… right now! Thank you!!

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