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Drs. Chris and Kara Mohr have worked extensively with various media outlets, including TV, radio, and print publications. Both have appeared independently or as a team on local and national TV, including Planet Green, with Emeril Lagasse, The Montel Williams Show, ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS affiliates throughout the country, and appear regularly on WHAS-ABC TV and WHAS 840AM radio in Louisville. They have been featured, written, and/or quoted in over 500 magazines, newspapers, and websites, such as Men’s Health, The New York Times, Men’s Fitness, Prevention, Shape, Weight Watchers, Fitness,,, and many more. As a nutrition spokesperson and media expert, Dr. Chris Mohr serves as a media spokesperson for The Dairy Council, Nordic Naturals, The Tea Council, USA Rice Federation, and Lipton Tea. He also has experience with satellite media tours.

“At a time where more people see the need to correct their eating and physical activity habits, Dr. Chris Mohr provides an invaluable service in a way people can understand. His ability to communicate releases the fear and self doubt on getting in shape and taking care of one’s body, yet his advice is practical and realistic and will allow anyone to make change!”

-Tony Cruise, “Tony Cruise Show”, WHAS 840 AM, Louisville, KY

WHAS11 ABC – Men’s Health Week


WHAS11 ABC – Healthy Grilling


WHAS11ABC – Stay Hydrated


Boot Camp Results

Planet Green with Emeril Lagasse

Dr Chris Mohr on Montel Williams

Dr. Chris Mohr was featured on the cover or Personal Fitness Professional and in Kentuckiana Health and Fitness


“Mohr Results own Dr. Kara Mohr featured in Prevention

Magazine as one of the “top weight loss gurus”!:
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Dr. Mohr is also on the Advisory Board of Men’s Fitness Magazine

Electronic Media Kit

“As a food and nutrition communications agency, it is important to have experts to call upon for counsel about key trends and messaging for our clients.  Dr. Chris Mohr is not only highly knowledgeable about all things nutrition and fitness, he also has a great understanding about the types of messages that resonate with the public due to his work with individual clients and with the media.  Dr. Mohr is a pleasure to work with and always provides valuable insights on health and fitness topics relevant to our clients.”

-Melissa McAllister, Senior Vice President, Pollock Communications

“Dr. Chris Mohr is an asset to anyone working in the health, wellness and nutrition space.  He is the perfect combination of nutritional advice and fitness counsel all delivered in a conversational and relatable style.  Whether serving as a spokesperson delivering messages or as a consultant working with teams, he is efficient, smart and a pleasure to work with.”

-Bill Reihl, Executive
Vice President, Strategy + Planning, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide



“Chris Mohr is a forward thinker when it comes to nutrition.

He is on top of the latest research in nutrition and wellness, which is a great asset to companies looking to stay on the cutting edge and offer products and programs that make good sense to consumers.”

Tara DelloIacono Thies, RD, Nutrition Strategist, Clif Bar & Co .

“Dr. Christopher Mohr just plain gets it! He understands the value of fueling the body high quality nutrients to enhance physical and mental performance and this is very apparent through his lectures, written articles, and TV media appearances. Dr. Mohr is an amazing resource for us to have – he has a rare ability to communicate the often complex world of nutrition into laymen terms.”

-Bill Gillette, Founder, Wild River Alaska Salmon Company

“Dr. Chris Mohr is very likely the most knowledgeable nutritionist and exercise physiologist who I have ever worked with; his enthusiasm comes across in waves to our radio clients. It’s very obvious that he not only talks the talk, he walks the walk-he speaks with an authority based on practice as well as education.”

-Cindi Sullivan, Living Better with Cindi Sullivan, 84WHAS


Discovery Communications, LLC

Pollock Communications

The Tea Council

Clif Bar, Inc

Red Mountain Spa

USA Rice Federation

Gourmet Garden

Nordic Naturals, Inc

Waterfront Media, Inc

Wild River Grilling, LLC

Fit Fuel, Inc

National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association

MED2000, Inc

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