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Low Fruit/Vegetable Intake Costs $56.2 BILLION in Health Care

This is crazy.

I got an email late last week.

It was about an embargoed story that was going to be released regarding fruit and vegetable intake and the results of a brand new study that was coming out.

They sent me the report. 

And it doesn’t matter how often you see this stuff about the health of our nation being so poor.  How our intake of various foods is too low.  Or added sugar is too high.

Seeing certain things still continues to amaze me.

One of those things.

92% of children don’t eat the recommended amount of fruits and veggies each day.

And get this — this is the amazing part — the health care costs from treating diet related diseases because of LOW fruit and vegetable intake is $56.2 BILLION/year. 

That’s billion … with a B.

Health care reform might be the hot topic these days, but let’s maybe look at fruit and vegetable "reform."  Something as simple as eating MORE fruits and veggies each and every day can slash health care costs by drastic amounts.


So how do you get started? 

Make them available #1.  Have them in your house.  If you don’t buy them, of course no one will choose them … they’re not there. 

Buy frozen fruit and add it to smoothies.  Or throw a handful or two of veggies into an omelet.  Make a "pact" with yourself that if you snack, it must include a fruit and/or vegetable.  Don’t eat any meals without fruits or vegetables included as part of them.  

This is madness, though.  It doesn’t take a lot of make a massive improvement in health.  We also know those who eat more fruit/veggies weigh less.  Certainly that fact alone is tied to the health care costs.

Mohr Results Bottom Line:  Eat more fruit.  Eat even more veggies.  The more color the better.  Preventing … or reducing the risk … of disease is easy … eating more veggies and fruit is a great first, simple step.

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One Response to Low Fruit/Vegetable Intake Costs $56.2 BILLION in Health Care

  1. matt gordon November 19, 2010 at 11:34 am #

    i bet if people would double their fiber intake from fruits and veggies, we could recover alot of lost $$$. also, those foods just taste better. nutrient density is the way to go. have a great weekend

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