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High Price for Healthy Food?

The other day I’m having a conversation with a woman in our Louisville boot camp — she was asking about strategies to lose weight.

I was making what I thought were some simple suggestions …

Switch to drinking only wheat grass, substituting chia seeds for your morning cereal, you know, the basics.

All kidding aside, we DID talk about nutrition basics (and, no, I don’t use wheat grass or chia seeds on a regular basis).

The basics started with a question — where in your diet can you add fruits and/or veggies?

And then I went on to what we believe to be some smart starting points that this woman wasn’t doing on a daily basis.

Eat breakfast daily.

Replace liquid calories. 

That’s step 1.

And for every suggestion, she kept coming back with the a barrier "but it costs too much for organic food."

 "But it doesn’t have to be organic" I said.

"Well, it costs too much to eat healthy."

Does it?

Does it REALLY cost too much to eat well?

Here’s a quickcomparison of just a few "junk foods" on the left vs. "health foods" on the right side of the table

Doritos $3.99 4 lbs apples (.99/lb) $3.96
2 L bottle of soda $1.39 Tap water *Free
 1 package Oreos  $4.29  3-6 oz Greek yogurts ($1.29 each)  $3.87
 Sausage & Egg biscuit  $1.70  1 dozen eggs (makes ~6 meals)  $1.29

 *Of course you do pay SOME for tap water, but minimal

So those are just a handful of comparisons.  Not only are the foods on the right side of the table more nutrient dense, but you get a lot more bang for your buck …

…1 dozen eggs can provide breakfast most days of the week, whereas a sausage & egg biscuit from McDonald’s feeds you for just 1 day.  Even when you add in a piece of fruit or whole grain toast, you’ll still pay less for that entire meal.

And while this last concept is hard to understand — eating well NOW will save you a SIGNIFICANT amount of money down the road, as you’re preventing sickness by caring for yourself now.

Just make 1 small positive change each day …

…it will ultimately allow you to achieve whatever physical goals you set for yourself.


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3 Responses to High Price for Healthy Food?

  1. Barb June 29, 2010 at 8:15 am #

    ABSOLUTELY!! I think it boils down to effort and making a change. Once the change is made (eating differently) then THAT becomes effortless. I also think it is comical when people complain about the expense of the new foods and how costly it is to feed their families BUT then say their family WON’T eat those new foods! We need to take self responsibility, making changes for ourselves THEN the family might slowly embrase the new foods thru positive, healthy examples right their in their home.

  2. Amy Holley June 29, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    I heard someone recently say “Think of food as medicine …” That stuck home with me. We know what our bodies need to be healthy. It’s not questionable … so why take the risk? It just makes good sense to eat healthy food.

  3. Aaron July 9, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    Too many don’t do the math before coming to the conclusion that healthier menu items cost more. Plus many people are lazy. They’d rather spend $3.50 for an instant drive through breakfast, instead of making their own healthier(and tastier) version at home for half the price. I think if a lot of people gave up their Starbucks habits they’d find some extra dough for produce.
    But, on the other hand, there are some healthy foods that are too high priced to be a regular in my fridge. One is wild salmon which I’ve seen going for $22 per pound.

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