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Fat Loss for a Great Cause

Real quick … a good friend of mine,
who is a dietitian down in Florida,
recently had a serious curveball
thrown at her and her family.
I have taught with Tara many times
and she speaks all over the world to
help spread the positive nutrition
messages that we do.
Unfortunately Tara recently learned
that her husband was diagnosed with
Stage IV stomach cancer …
… and given just a 4% chance to live.
They’ve elected to work with a MD in
Germany because of his unique approach
and one that’s given Steven a 50% chance.
The problem?  NONE of the travel, treatments,
or living expenses when they spend time in Germany
are covered by insurance.  So this is 100% out of pocket.
And, oh yeah, they have two kids — ages 2 and 4.  
Locally we’re going to be doing a charity boot camp.
But another friend of ours, who also knows Tara,
is trying to do what he can too and put his incredible
fat loss program on sale for a few days …
…with 100% of the profits going to the charity fund
set up in their name.
This is really a no brainer — incredible information —
and all the proceeds to go a great cause.   A win win.
>> Underground Workout Manual <<– help support a friend in need
Better. Every. Day.

Team Mohr

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  1. losebabyfat275 February 25, 2012 at 2:01 pm #

    I have been recovering for 2 years now and my weight sort of stabilised after I gained nearly 3 stone! This year I have been eating lots more and higher in fat and carbs so how come I’ve lost weight -5lbs also my metabolism is extremely slow from eating disorder but gradually picking it’s self up

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