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Wow, lots of interest and "FB likes" to our post the other day regarding our blog last week suggesting people "stop thinking" to change body composition.

Here’s another piece to this puzzle.  But it may upset some people.

Ready?  We don’t care what type of nutrition plan you follow …

Paleo Diet, Low fat, Low Carb, Raw foods, etc.

We care that you stick to it.

There’s an acronym we use when sharing this with people:






We’re not saying there are not better approaches and worse ones for long term success, so we’re always going to steer people in the right direction — but not traditionally through "diet" changes, and instead more so through behavioral changes that help reach their goals.  For example, replacing a daily serving of chips with a handful of pistachios and a piece of fruit isn’t really a "diet" per se, it’s a simple behavior that will ultimately help with success down the road.

But at the end of the day, ANY program you follow will work … it’s just that most get upset that results aren’t coming as quickly as they hoped, or maybe they get bored with the food choices they are limited to on the particular plan they are trying to follow and as a result, throw their hands up and do nothing. 

We do know if you’re diet is too complex, it will not have staying power.

Which is why we always suggest going back to basics.  This is the purpose of the "7 Word Diet" from Michael Pollan we’ve talked about before.

Eat foods. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Pretty basic, yet easy to remember.

And again, more important than following any "diet" is following the simple behavior tips and strategies that will help with permanent success.  These aren’t rocket science tips and strategies — there is nothing sexy about eating more veggies and fruits, for example — but we don’t need rocket science, we need permanent simple strategies that will help people with long term success.

  1. Eat a veggie or fruit with every single meal and snack
  2. Replace all liquid calories with non calorie alternatives.
  3. Include protein with each meal
  4. Replace junk fiber free carbs with high fiber alternatives
  5. Eat less of whatever you’re eating

You see.  Not rocket science.  Far from "sexy."  But follow those 5 strategies on a regular basis and you will be successful.

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2 Responses to F.O.C.U.S.

  1. Stef November 4, 2011 at 2:34 pm #

    I completely agree that people have the tendency to make dieting way too hard. It really is a simple solution that just requires adherence. It’s common sense. Everyone looks for a shortcut, but like you said, it just takes a plan you can follow, and then actually following it!

  2. Gary February 10, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Hello Drs.,

    My name is Gary Xavier and I have been par-oozing your blog the last 24 hours. I am very intrigued by your work and your relentless pursuit of continued education and advocacy for effective nutrition.

    I had a question. Aside from your framework, F.O.C.U.S., what has been the most successful element to help adult obese cases maintain their weight loss? Some of the research is suggesting that hunger hormones increase when extreme weight loss occurs. I saw this in an article written by Tara Parker-Pope in the New York Times titled, “The Fat Trap”.

    Thanks and love your work. I hope to become a consistent follower.

    Gary Xavier, PGA

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