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Eat THIS to Decrease Cravings (cool new study)

Like fashion, diet trends come and go …

…I surely can’t speak to fashion, but do follow the nutrition trends pretty closely.

The most recent trend that is growing in popularity is skipping breakfast or, using the more ‘trendy’ terminology "intermittent fasting" where you fast for a period of time (12, 16, 20ish hours) and then "refeed" during the remainder of the day. 

eat whole eggs for fat lossIt may work for some.  For us.  For our clients.  And according to the majority of research, eating breakfast is a better approach.

More than a "better approach" — at Team Mohr we believe it’s arguably the most important time to eat in the day.

The key is making the right choices.

Sugar cereals, Pop Tarts or a Latte with a muffin are not the way to go.

On the flip side, any of the 5 options we suggest below would be much better to help fill you up, fuel your body and give you the energy needed to do what you need to do in the morning.

In fact, just recently, good friend Dr. Heather Leidy published some interesting data showing that when you choose a high protein breakfast — 35 grams vs. 13 grams in this study — you will snack less on high fat/high sugar foods later in the day.  The higher protein breakfast was also compared to skipping breakfast all together.  And both times, the high protein breakfast came out on top and was shown to decrease cravings later in the day.  It doesn’t mean you have to always eat exactly 35 grams of protein, but bumping up the normal intake is surely be a wise idea.

In other words, starting your day with protein can help decrease cravings later in the day. 

Here are 5 Simple High Protein Breakfast ideas to help you decrease cravings later in the day.

  1. 2 whole egg omelet with smoked salmon, 2 slices cheese (we like Cabot snack size bites for 6 grams protein each) and unlimited amounts of veggies and a piece of fruit.
  2. 1 Plain Greek yogurt with a handful of nuts, berries and a sprinkle of Granola
  3. Mix 1 scoop whey protein, fruit, almond or soy or dairy milk, spoonful of peanut or almond butter and blend away.
  4. Sewn Oats:  Add 1/2 whole rolled oats to a bowl, mix in cinnamon, 1 scoop whey protein, almond/soy or dairy milk, raisins.  Mix to combine all ingredients and refrigerate overnight.  It will be ready to go in AM, without needing  to cook.
  5. 2 hole hard boiled eggs, 1 piece of fruit (great for on the go)

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2 Responses to Eat THIS to Decrease Cravings (cool new study)

  1. Regan @ Cabot Creamery May 7, 2013 at 6:13 am #

    The irony for me is that I’ve always *felt* this to be the case, even before the research proved it. Worse than no breakfast at all, I believe is the sugar-filled, low-protein breakfast that leaves you bottoming out by 10am.

    Great recommendations. We’ll definitely share this with our fans. And from the 1200+ family farmers who own Cabot, thanks so much for the mention!!

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