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Does Barbecuing Cause Cancer?

It’s GRILLING Season! But there’s some controversy about grilling — is it TRULY healthy? Is there truth to the thought that barbecuing and grilling can be unhealthy? Well, yes and no. We grill regularly — most days of the week from spring – fall. Not just for the flavor, but it’s a healthy way to […]

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Coconut Oil — A Healthy Saturated Fat?

We’ve recently been BOMBARDED with questions about coconut oil … it is HOT and getting a ton of attention.  So, being that it’s my birthday, it was time to take a day off of blogging … and repost an earlier one that will hopefully answer many of the questions that we’re getting. ___________________________________ Last week […]

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Study Links ADHD in Kids to Pesticides

Studies linking environmental substances to disease are coming fast and furious. Chemicals in plastics and common household goods have been associated with serious developmental problems, while a long inventory of other hazards are contributing to rising rates of modern ills: heart disease, obesity, diabetes, autism.

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Do You Eat this “Magical” Fruit…

Beans are high up on the list for one of the greatest foods of all time…Gram for gram, it would be harder to find a more nutrient dense food for the same cost. Beans are high in antioxidants, high in fiber, high in protein, and can drastically reduce your risk of heart disease.

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