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Can you Lose Belly Fat if you Eat THIS?

There are over 30 names for sugar…
…turbinado sugar, raw sugar, agave syrup, fruit paste, raw honey, malt syrup and many more.
Of course we have our organic sugars too.  Are these any better if we’re trying to lose weight?  Ray from train2befit asked a question on the blog about the healthiest sugar options.
Is there such a thing?  A "healthy" sugar?

Clearly, when burning belly fat is a goal, sugar (all forms) need to take a back seat.  But let’s put a few of these under the microscope to see if there’s a best of the worst.  Af…

How to Eat to Lose Fat

You’re bored…
…bored of the grilled veggies and chicken breast, the fish, or the yogurt and fruit for snacks.  Frankly, your fat loss meal plans stink.  I understand.
Since this week is the newly named "Subscriber Appreciation Week" at the Mohr Results Offices, we’ve got some exciting goodies for you.  A chance to win THIS:
While we love to cook at the Mohr house, we’re certainly not chefs by any stretch of the imagination.  But we do know what it takes to lose weight permanently. 
Sure, we have some…

Organic Foods are a Waste of Money?

Organic foods are hot – more and more consumers are looking for the term "organic."
But is organic "stuff" worth the extra money?  Sometimes organic produce costs at least double what "conventional" produce costs.
So why do people spend the extra money?
1. Less pesticides
2. More nutrients
3. More flavor
But are these valid reasons?
According to research published just the other day in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition …
… not a chance.  Organic foods didn’t turn out to be any "better" than conve…

Health Care Reform or OBESITY REFORM?

Health care reform is all the talk these days …
… but since health care costs are at the top of everyone’s minds, maybe we should instead invest that same money into OBESITY REFORM.
A brand new study just released suggests obesity related illness costs the US $147 billion/year, or nearly 10% of all health care spending!

Why doesn’t Congress and the Obama Administration take time out to discuss prevention of this disease? That may actually get us somewhere and make a dent in the iceberg.
Talking about Health Care Reform without touching the prevention of such diseases…

A Super Big Gulp at 8 AM?

We had to take Ella to the local Children’s Hospital this morning.
Fortunately not for anything major — no emergency — just a simple ultrasound because she was breech. They like to do an ultrasound of the hips to make sure everything is AOK.
And much to her credit, she behaved REALLY well (just slept through the entire thing) — must have been because she was so exhausted after being up all night last night!
So anyway, we walk into our appointment this morning and saw a dad…with his 2 kids (probably 4 & 7 years old). And EACH one of them had a 7-11 drink in hand! The da…

Organic Foods or Local — which is best?

Organic is hot — everything from produce to cereal, energy bars to oats are labeled “organic” these days.
That’s a debate in and of itself, though…but truly more important than organic, is local. A vegetable picked from a farm down the road from you is going to offer more flavor and nutrients than organic produce that has been shipped across the world.
That is where Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) comes into play. In a nutshell, this means you buy a share of a local farm, get a weekly (or sometimes monthly, depending on the farm), delivery of the farms crop…