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How Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

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One of my favorite parts of the day is the 1-1 1/2 hours that I spend awake in the morning while the rest of my house is still asleep. Just me (and the birds) greeting the day. I use that time to sit quietly, drink a cup of coffee, meditate, and write. To me it’s the most important part of my day…my self-care.
It’s so important to me that I make a point to wake up at 4:30 or 5 am to make it happen.
Chris and I are getting ready to give a talk for the USO to Caregivers of Wounded Warriors. It’s such an honor to work with this organization and to…

Keeping Up When Life Changes

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The other night I was at a party and chatting with someone when the topic came around to what I do. The person I was talking to was describing a scenario I hear so many times from women:
“I did great with fitness and diet for a while, lost a bunch of weight, then I started a new job and life took over…Now, how do I get back to that progress I was making?”
Our conversation got cut short by other guests and the party going on. But I’ve thought about it a few times since. Mainly because it’s a conversation I’ve had 100 times, w…

Random Friday Thoughts and a “Recipe”

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you have lots of fun planned coming up to this unofficial start of the summer.  Summer is my favorite season: Warm temps.  Relaxed attitudes.  And…my birthday!  All of my favorite things!
For today’s newsletter I’m covering a few things that have been floating around in my head recently… and since it’s Friday I figured no better time than to sweep up the loose ends!
First…. a question that came in this week.
Q: I know you said the best exercise is the one you like to doR…

A Summertime Meal You’re Gonna Love!

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Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, I have the perfect recipe for you.  Fish tacos have to be one of my all-time favorite meals.  Light…delicious, and they come in they’re own perfect holder.
This recipe was the one Chris made for my Mother’s Day dinner.
He knew I would love them….but wasn’t sure what my mom would think.  I told him the only thing I wanted was to be surprised by dinner on Mother’s Day, so he couldn’t ask me what I thought.
He sweated for a few hours thinking this wouldn’t go over…

Just When You Think You Have the Answer… You Don’t

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HAHAHAHAHA!  That’s what it sounds like when the universe laughs at you.  Except for me it adds, YOU’RE FUNNY, KARA.
Yesterday, I talked about all the ways in which I have chosen to tolerate discomfort.  One of which was sitting with my kids when they are having big emotions or a bad day.    And then I woke up today, tried to continue to tolerate discomfort and was handed a big ‘ol dose of it in the form of a 3 year old.
Long story short, Sophia and Ella really wanted to go to the zoo after school today.  We planned on it in fact.  B…

Tips For Tolerating Discomfort

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Have you ever experienced something and just wanted the situation to stop?  Right then and there?  Could be anything….anxiety, frustration, discomfort, boredom. But you get the immediate urgency to tap into that primitive brain and JUST. MAKE. IT. GO. AWAY.
We all have experiences like that.  That’s because as highly developed and civilized creatures, we’ve come to have certain expectations about how life should be.  How we should live day to day.  What we need to experience and feel. And, because as adults we can lar…

What’s The Best Exercise?

One of the most common questions I get is “What is the best exercise to do?”  And of course, I give back the most commonly recited answer….”Whatever you enjoy doing and will do long-term.”
It’s the truth from a behavioral standpoint.  If you want to exercise regularly for improved health, you’ve got to find what you enjoy doing.  Otherwise it will always be a battle and you will never want to do it. And who wants to live with that kind of relationship to exercise?
The good news is, exercise is FANTASTIC for YOU and it can also be SO MUCH FUN.
If you are…

A Great Dessert

I always love to share recipes we enjoy. Since it’s impossible that I could cook for all of you, it’s sort of my way of sharing what I would make for you if you came to my house for dinner.
And this dessert — would likely be among the go-to options.  I had it for the first time on Sunday, when Chris and the girls made it for me and my mom for Mother’s Day.
If you like Key Lime Pie — you’ll love this.  It’s like a deconstructed key lime pie. And the best part, it doesn’t weigh you down like some desserts can.  I hate that feeling of wanting a little bit of so…

Tips For Getting Unstuck

It’s Monday. The universal day of the week to tackle everything. Make big progress at work — make big changes in your diet or health. I wonder how many diets start on a Monday??
The most common thing I hear people want to achieve when starting an exercise program is to jumpstart their weight loss. But let’s be honest, taking weight off….permanently, can be an elusive goal for a lot of folks.
They start out well intentioned. But somewhere along the way they get stuck.
Watching clients over the years, I’ve learned that when someone says “I’m stuck,” they…

Articles and Things to Ponder

Happy Friday! Today I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve discovered, read or that have stuck with me this week…
It’s sort of favorite things –mind and spirit edition — in an easy digestible bite size for your Friday afternoon.
Articles I’ve Read. I often find myself spending time reading online articles, no doubt found through Twitter and Facebook feeds and wonder — what am I doing? How did I get here? And is this making me smarter or just allowing me to procrastinate? These are the articles have stuck with me this week –that IR…