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Tips For Staying In Shape On The Road

I hope you’ve had a great week filled with all of your favorite things. My week has been book-ended with travel. Thankfully travel today went more smoothly than my cancelled flight on Monday.
Travel can be a challenge. Flight delays, cancellations, and long security lines notwithstanding, it can also wreak havoc on your daily routine.
Especially with food and exercise.
And since I’m living my life on the road this month, I’ve been feeling the full reality of this.
This week Chris and I managed to squeeze in a workout with one of his friends from high school. And I managed to squeeze in a heav…

Lessons Learned From 3-6 Year Olds

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I’ve done this topic before…actually it feels like I could have an entire blog on all the things I learn from my daughters on a daily basis.
Because let’s face it. Trying to understand and coach another person’s behavior can be a challenge. Especially when that other person’s actions often originate in their reptile brain.
There’s not much reasoning with a crocodile.
But occasionally…occasionally, you get some little gems. Little nuggets of goodness that make you of course, immediately think yo…

Bucket List – Summer Edition

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You know how some days you are almost knocked over when you hear what day it is? That happened to me yesterday.
June 15th? What!?
With a ton of travel recently, this month has passed in a blur. And I quickly realized summer will be over before we know it.
Now, I’m not fear mongering….what this has made me realize is that I’ve got to be seriously pro-active with my summertime plans if I want to make sure I fit as much LIFE into them as I intend.
And you do too.
We can’t allow life to happen to us. We’ve got to be the driver. The crea…

The Balance Between Good and Perfect

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Here’s a question: Which one of these phrases do you most agree with?
How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything.
Perfect is the Enemy of Good.
These two phrases reflect the constant battle going on in my head right now. My intense desire to have everything I do to be perfect. Sometimes at the cost of either not getting everything done I need to do or worse, getting nothing done at all because I am so caught in analysis paralysis over details.
Then, there’s the other commentary that tells me perfect is the enemy of good. The idea that if “perfe…

How Will YOU Be More Human?

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We know fitness has the power to TRANSFORM.
I’ve seen it in the boot camps we used to run in Cherokee Park and Louisville Indoor Racquet Club…when strength gains gave someone the strength to leave a verbally abusive relationship.
I’ve witnessed it in conversations with coaching clients…when achieving tough goals gave them the confidence to tackle tough conversations at home and at the office.
I’ve celebrated it with participants in clinical weight loss studies… when weight loss gave someone the energy and determinatio…

What’s Your Dream?

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First, and most important. This. This. Right. Here. Coconut Peanut Butter. It single handedly might be the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Of course, I’m also ruined now. Because it’s not like I’m going to be finding this at the Highland’s Kroger anytime soon. Seriously considering sacrificing several pairs of shoes so I can make room for cases of this in my suitcase…
I will immediately try to recreate this when I get home. With just 2 ingredients, it can’t be THAT hard… Or at least a girl can dream.

This Might Surprise You

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I’m sitting with Chris yesterday morning at breakfast and we’re discussing a program we’re working on. We start talking protein and science and how we want to incorporate the latest research into our recommendations.
All well and good.
As we’re discussing protein, we’re trying to figure out the best way to make these recommendations for our clients. I mean, some of these can even be tough for us, who live and breathe it daily.
For example, the one thing we keep talking about is how it’s best to eat between 25-…

Table For One

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So we’re in Hawaii for work. Well, Chris is here for work. I’m just tagging along (which is not a bad gig by the way). Yesterday, Chris had to work the entire day doing trainings and then he had to give a dinner training as well.
So I was left alone to fend for myself. Those of you who know me, know that this is NOT A BAD THING at all. Of course, I’d rather be hanging with Chris. But I will be A-OK entertaining myself if necessary.
And that’s what I did. I hung by the pool and the beach. I meditated. I got an amazing greens juice and walked a…

Are You Happy?

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Chris and I are sitting in a restaurant in Honolulu, happily enjoying a kid-free breakfast. The kids are also happily enjoying their time away from us, spending time with my mom and their cousins… a true win for all.
The restaurant we discovered is called Heavenly. And the food was pretty close to the name. All local farms, organic when possible….and the place has a cool funky vibe too. I look up at one point and notice a flow chart written on the wall. It reads:

Are You Happy?
I immediately think of Sophia. Whenever she knows she’s do…

It’s a Movement My Friends… Join Me!

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Chris and I just finished spending an amazing day with the USO at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. It was fun. Uplifting. And most of all, important work. It’s not everyday that you get to feel such purpose in what you do. It’s like a high five for your soul.
One of the speakers was Blair Bloomston, from Game On Nation. We love our friends at Game On — who they are as people — the message they communicate — and the way they communicate it. Mainly because their message is about communicating and playing alongside each other as…