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Are You Addicted to Food?

We’ll be the first to say that you need to take responsibility for you … your body, your health, and the foods you choose that can change both of those.

But, what if food was addicting, like drugs or alcohol?

Is it possible that for some people, food is so addicting they can’t stop eating?

It’s been suggested that certain ingredients — salt, sugar, fat and other "secret" components in many packaged foods and particularly many fast foods — have addicting components in them.

In fact, research out of Princeton University has shown that when rats are given a diet with 25% of calories from sugar, they’re actually in a state of anxiety when the sugar is removed and show similar reactions to that of heroin addicts when the drug is removed — teeth shattering and the shakes. 

Do humans act the same way, though, with a sugar withdrawal?

From other research that’s been conducted, it does appear that food triggers levels of something called dopamine — a neurotransmitter that’s involved in motivation and reward — plays a role in food intake..  And other research has demonstrated that foods like sugar and fat trigger dopamine the same as certain drugs do.

So can food truly have a drug like reaction in the body — causing dopamine levels to rise and fall upon eating certain ingredients? 

It may in fact be one piece to the overall puzzle.

But it’s still important to take responsibility for overall food intake and exercise and not use this solely as a "scapegoat" for lack of a better term.

Here’s a simple test we always tell people if thinking they’re hungry.

Think about picking up an apple.  Will an apple satisfy your craving?  If so, you’re physiologically hungry.  If not, you’re more than likely psychologically hungry (which often means bored, tired, or stressed).



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One Response to Are You Addicted to Food?

  1. Mary October 19, 2010 at 12:06 pm #

    Yep….I’ve come to realize in the past couple of years that I am addicted to food, just like a drug. I’m unraveling the issues that surround it slowly and making strides towards a healthier me.

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