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51 Ways to Make 2014 Awesome(r)

This is not some silly New Year’s Resolution list.

Rather, It’s one that will help you live a better 2014, whatever your goals may be. 

I highly recommend printing it out and rereading some of these.  Just writing them helped me and the list is now sitting next to my desk.  

Whatever your resolutions may be, these simple 51 tips will help you achieve any goal faster.  Or at the very least happier.



  1. Smile more.  A favorite quote we say around here is "if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours."  Everyone speaks the language of smiles.  You’ll be happier and so will everyone around you.
  2. Turn off your phone.  No need to stare at a dimly lit screen 24 hours/per day.  Human interaction is powerful.
  3. Buy a pedometer.  The goal is to get at least 10,000 steps per day.  And a recent study showed doing so will slash the risk of dying from a heart attack by 56%.  Is that meaningful enough?
  4. Read a book.  I’m aiming to read 1 book per month.  I’m not the fastest reader in the world, so this is a manageable goal. 
  5. Turn off the TV.  Watching doom and gloom news 24 hours per day or living for reality TV watching someone else live their lives won’t make you better.  Be a participant in life vs a viewer of someone else.
  6. Keep a gratitude journal.  Very simply write 10 things you’re thankful for every morning when you wake up.  Maybe it’s as simple as the sky being blue, the weather in Louisville today getting out of the below zero temps, etc.
  7. Find an accountability partner.  This is someone (or a group) who holds you accountable.  Maybe it’s to your exercise, your work, goals, etc.  It doesn’t matter who it is, but make it someone who can support you when you’re struggling and motivate you when you’re on fire.
  8. Focus on YOU.  Too many people give everything of themselves to others.  This is great, but also having some ME time is important. 
  9. Do something that scares you. 

  10. Don’t engage in negativity.  Gossip at work?  No thanks, walk away.  Focus on everything that’s WRONG?  Nope, that won’t make anything or anyone better. 
  11. Send a note to someone.  How exciting is it to get actual mail?  Send someone a note – unexpectedly – sharing some positive words about them.  Everyone will win.
  12. Plan a menu for the week every Sunday.  This simple task will transform how you eat – rather than flying by the seat of your pants, you will have direction.
  13. Write your "ta da" list for the following day while in bed.  Yes, we call it a "ta da" list because that’s how you feel when it’s done.  Writing it the night before clears your head to get solid rest and gives you a plan to start your day right.
  14. Do something for YOU when you wake up.  Maybe it’s going to the gym. Maybe it’s reading something you enjoy.  Quietly enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.  Whatever it is, take a few minutes of "me" time without looking at your phone, email, Facebook, etc.
  15. Reach out to someone you have not connected with in awhile.  Maybe it’s a relative or friend.  Whoever it is, reach out and say hello. 
  16. Move.  More.  We can’t stress this one enough.  It will save your life.  See #3.
  17. Lift heavier weights (with good form, of course). 
  18. Start everyday with a large class of water (before drinking anything else).
  19. Learn something new.  A friend just told me he’s taking stand up comedy classes.  Maybe it’s music lessons a language.  Whatever it is, go out on a limb and try it.
  20. Learn to cook.  This should be #1 – it’s that important.  Just some basic skills.  We’re not asking you host a show on the Food Network.
  21. Create an emergency fund.  Having some money "just in case" will give you a serious sense of relief.  Most experts suggest just $1000 to start.
  22. Realize "urgent" doesn’t mean "important."  Emails, phone calls, etc are often urgent but don’t jump at someone else’s emergency when they take priority over yours.
  23. Do hard tasks first.  You’ll feel a true sense of accomplishment when those are out of the way rather than tackling the "easy" stuff.
  24. Batch your tasks.  We started doing this ourselves and it’s helped a ton.   Block 50 minutes to work on something without any interruptions.  Then, when that’s up, take 10 minutes to stand, move around, handle some less important tasks.  Then get back to the next 50 minutes.
  25. Don’t confuse being busy and being active.  We’re all busy.  Not enough of us are active.
  26. Pick up the phone.  Email & texts can often lead to miscommunication.  Pick up the phone and actually call someone to eliminate that.
  27. Travel.  This doesn’t have to be to some exotic far away land (though that’s nice too).  Maybe there’s something in your area you’ve never seen or done.  Just a short drive to a completely new place and experience.
  28. Tell your kids you love them.  A lot.  If you don’t have kids, tell your spouse, parents, etc.  Better yet, tell them all.
  29. Hug someone.  Everyone can use a solid hug.  Daily.
  30. Give more to get more.  Donate to a charity, church, etc.  Find a charity(ies) you believe in and donate.  We’re big supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project & Toys for Tots, but support whatever you believe in.
  31. Play.  Being silly is awesome.  Even as adults.  Just play more and let yourself go.
  32. Write your kids a letter.  Don’t have kids?  Maybe you have  nieces or nephews.  They’ll appreciate it when they grow up.
  33. Be the most positive person you know.
  34. Say "thank you" and "please" more often.  What we learned in kindergarten still holds true at any age.
  35. Focus on process goals.  Not just the end point. What will it take to get to the end point?  That’s what’s important.
  36. Complement someone.  Daily.
  37. Buy a coffee for the person behind you.
  38. Listen more, talk less.
  39. Be a student and always learning.
  40. Get organized.  A messy desk doesn’t mean you have a lot going on.  It means you’re messy.
  41. Put down gossip magazines and pick up Success Magazine.
  42. Sign up for a race you’ve never done.
  43. Participate in a charity event in your area.
  44. Donate your time.  A little bit goes a long way.
  45. Be generous.
  46. Drink more water.
  47. Next time you go out to eat, tip 100%.  You’ll make someone’s day.
  48. Every workout is a good one, even if you have just 10 minutes.  No one ever got done with a workout and felt bad about it.
  49. Eat together as a family.
  50. Talk about the "best part of your day" each night at the dinner table.
  51. Pay your kids $1 every time you say the word ‘no’ to them.  It will add up quickly and can curb that habit fast.

You don’t have to work on all 51 of these now.  Hopefully at least a few resonate with you to make 2014 even better than you originally planned!

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3 Responses to 51 Ways to Make 2014 Awesome(r)

  1. Tangila January 8, 2014 at 11:44 am #

    I have two favorites 🙂 #33 and #38 Thanks so much!

  2. Cathy January 9, 2014 at 10:25 am #

    Great list and I was right there with you…..until #51. If my teenager asks something crazy ridiculous like all teenagers can do, and I say no, I give him $1? They’ll see how that works and will milk it for all they can. Don’t agree with that last one, but the others are great. Thanks.

    • Chris and Kara Mohr January 10, 2014 at 8:26 am #

      Good point. With little kids — I was thinking more on that level, considering the times we often catch ourselves simply saying “no”

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