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5 Slim Down Secrets while Eating Out

Eating out can be tough if you’re trying to eat clean and know what you’re putting in your body.

You don’t know how the foods are prepared. 

They often have "hidden" fat, sugar, and salt that can blow the calories through the roof.

You’re surrounded by tempting foods and friends, spouse, kids, etc who may not be on your "team" when it comes to eating well ("c’mon, just ONE won’t kill you — you look great!").

And then when you add all this plus the bread that starts the meal, appetizers, drinks and maybe desserts, you’ve suddenly eaten more calories in 1 meal than you should in an entire day!

How do you manage to stay slim (or get slimmer) and still maintain a healthy social life?  Is it even possible?

Believe it or not, it IS possible…you just have to be smart about it. 

And the key with all of this — making eating out a special occasion rather than just another day of the week.

These 5 Slim Down Secrets will help you make the best decisions AND still love what you eat!

  1. Skip the breadbasket.  Let the waiter know when they first come over to introduce themselves that you will pass on the bread.  Save those calories the actual meal.
  2. Start your meal with a couple glasses of water.  We talked about this simple slim down secret in a recent blog — could be the easiest way to boost fat loss!
  3. Skip the sides — instead, ask for double veggies, which most restaurants won’t blink an eye at.  Speak up to get what you want and what will get you the results you want!
  4. Ask your waiter to put half your meal in a doggy bag BEFORE it comes to the table.  When it’s in front of you, you’ll eat it.  If you’re served just half, you won’t be tempted.
  5. When your meal actually comes, put your fork down between every single bite.  This trick will slow down your eating, allowing your brain to realize it’s full before you over eat.

Mohr Results Bottom Line: Staying (or getting slim) doesn’t have to mean never eating out again.  It’s just a matter of making simple decisions when you do. 


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One Response to 5 Slim Down Secrets while Eating Out

  1. Tracy August 27, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    This is a good article (as always) and I’m sure these tips work but I have a better tip. Stay home and eat. I don’t care to eat out, mainly because so many restaurants are dirty, nasty, gross etc….. I have seen some pretty bad things happening at restaurants, yes this includes buffets, and have read a lot of comments about people that work at these restaurants. If everyone knew what went on at some of these places, they wouldn’t eat out either. I have a friend that worked for a very short time at a place in town and they actually made their help (including my friend) put all lettuce (that had been served to customers) that didn’t have dressing on it back in the salad bin to be served later. The lettuce that had dressing on it went to a big pot to make “their special salad”. GROSS. They even put bread back to serve to someone else if it hadn’t been eaten on. It was on the table, anyone could breathe on it, sneeze and cough on it, finger it, and yes it would eventually be served to someone else. This is why my friend no longer works there, she would not go along with this. This goes on a lot. Personally, I would rather cook at home 24/7 than go out. It is healthier and much safer. I was at a buffet one time with my Husband and his friends. I did not eat anything. I sat there in amazement wondering where in the heck the parents were, and watched a girl take all of the forks from the holders and finger them all, carry them around the restaurant, pick her nose, I am NOT kidding, and finger them some more. Now, tell me, who wants to eat with those forks. I did tell the waitress and they did bring clean forks, but, how does anyone know where that fork has been??? GROSS!!! I’ll stick to my home cooking.

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