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4 Proven Tips to Eat Less

Things are a bit quiet around the Mohr House …

…we spent the weekend in Pittsburgh for Kara’s Aunt/Uncle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party.  That’s not why it’s quiet.

You see, we left Ella at Grandma’s so we can head to a conference later in the week.  After having a 2 year old running around all the time, not having her here is a whole different ballgame.

By considering when we left she said "Bye Mommy.  Bye Daddy" waving us off like we were keeping her from something, she’s going to be more than fine.

I bring this up because as you know, whenever you’re around family … there’s food.  And usually a lot of it. 

How do you fight that urge to continue to eat, pick, and mindlessly consume more and more all weekend?  As we always say, do it once in awhile and there won’t be a problem …

… meal after meal, day after day, and you’ll quickly gain unwanted belly fat.

Here are 4 Proven Tips to Eat Less

  1. Include protein with every meal.  Many studies have now shown that protein is more filling than an equal amount of calories from carbohydrate.  One study that comes to mind is one where subjects were fed either eggs (protein) or a bagel (carbohydrate) in the morning.  Calories were the same.  What they found in this study that subjects in the "egg group" had great ratings of satiety and, ultimately, this translated to improved weight loss over time.  A win win.  Take home point of this study and others … include protein with each meal to help you eat less calories overall.
  2. Make Eating a TV Free Activity.  Weird, right?  But it’s not as obvious as it sounds.  In our multitasking society, where it’s impossible to do just 1 thing at a time, it’s rare for people to simply eat and focus on that task at hand.  They’re eating at their desk, wasting time on Facebook, emailing, watching TV, texting, etc.  Seems efficient, but when you consider how much more you eat when distracted, it isn’t efficient … and surely not as good for reducing belly fat.  One study, actually, showed that for every 1 hour of TV watched during the day … kids ate 167 more calories!  That translates to about an 18 lb weight gain each and every year if everything else is consistent.  Wow.
  3. Keep Snacks Out of Sight.  It sounds so simple it can’t be true … but it is.  Out of sight, out of mind.  One study by Wansink and colleagues showed that office workers at 23% less calories when candy was "hidden" in an opaque container vs. a clear one where it was visible all day.  Ideally those foods won’t be in the house at all, but if they are, don’t keep them where they are visible.  Freeze them.  Wrap them in brown bags.  Trust us, it’s not about "willpower" and if you have it or not.  This trick alone will help you a ton.
  4. Brush Your Teeth Immediately After Eating.  You’ve all had that same experience we have — you eat or drink something after brushing your teeth and the food tastes completely different now that it’s combined with minty fresh toothpaste.  Use this to your advantage — when you’re full, excuses yourself and brush your teeth.  No one will complain when you’re the only one at the table with minty fresh goodness in your mouth. 

There you have it.  Pretty interesting — 4 Proven Tricks to Help You Eat less and only one had to do with food itself.

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