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Thanksgiving Surival Guide (3 ‘Weird’ Tips)

Thanksgiving in the States is tomorrow…

A holiday that has turned into the biggest eating day of the entire year in the States.

On average, it’s suggested that American’s eat upwards of 4200 calories/day — about 3-4 times above "normal" — or what’s needed.

We’re all about enjoying yourself and the special holiday traditions.  In fact, it’s important to remind you that your daily habits are significantly more important than any single occasion.  BUT, avoiding that post Thanksgiving feeling of disgustingness (is that a word?), where you have no option other than unbuttoning your pants and collapsing on the couch, only to fall asleep and wake up bloated and uncomfortable, isn’t a bad thing.

Instead, this year, try these 3 ‘tricks’ that help you save on calories but not skimp on flavor or even miss out eating your favorites.

Consider it your Thanksgiving Survival Guide.

These Thanksgiving Survival Guide tricks are so simple they’re almost too easy.

  1. Don’t let your foods touch on your plate.  Weird, I know — but most of the time the plate is piled so high, it’s like a giant mess of foods.  This year leave "white space" between each food.  Why?  You’ll pile less foods on one another meaning you eat your favorites, just not as much of each.
  2. Skip the mindless eating.  Avoid the snack bowls, mixed nuts, and extras that are lying around the house…pre dinner, of course.  These are just extra calories that fill you up but aren’t "unique" to Thanksgiving, so you’re not mindlessly eating extra calories but aren’t even noticing (or enjoying) what you’re eating.  Enjoy the ‘unique’ foods — don’t waste calories on the basics you can get every day.
  3. Fill your plate (without letting foods touch) and walk away from the buffet table.  Then wait 20 minutes before deciding to go up again.  Again, seems obvious.  But it’s not too common — walking away from the buffet table means you’ll be less likely to keep filling up on the extras just because.   And waiting the 20 minutes will allow you to truly determine if you’re physiologically hungry (not likely) or psychologically hungry (more likely).

There you have it.  These are simple, their straightforward, but they’re all effective ‘weird’ little tricks that can make a big difference.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers. 

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One Response to Thanksgiving Surival Guide (3 ‘Weird’ Tips)

  1. Kara Silva November 23, 2010 at 8:22 am #

    I will definitely be trying these.. in addition to lots of deep breathes and reminding myself how far I have come in the past few weeks. I do not want to over do on this day. I want to be able to enjoy my family and the time… and the delicious food with out bingeing. I want to raise my hands in victory the next day for not having over done it on Thanksgiving day.

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