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3 SIMPLE Tips to Build a Better Lunch

It’s back to school time.

But whether you’re packing for yourself or for your kids, it doesn’t matter.

The same basic principles apply.

Sure, maybe it would be a bit weird if you showed up with a Dora yogurt in your lunch — as a 40 year old woman – but, to be honest, those are kind of junky for the kids anyhow.  So let’s toss ’em from everyone’s lunch box.

First and foremost, pack your own lunch.

For you.  For your kids.

You can’t beat brown bagging it.  When you do YOUR in control.

Rather than complain about the junk that’s served at your kids’ school, serve them what you want and you control it (that is, of course, unless they’re trading snacks and everything else).  But that’s a different issue.

Second, pack your lunch the night before … not the morning of, as everyone is rushing out the door

This is simple planning.  Fail to plan and plan to fail.  Pack your food the night before.  And involve your kids.  The more involved they are, the more likely they are to make smart food choices.

Third, make sure each lunch has some protein, some veggies and/or fruit.

Protein helps fill you up.  Protein keeps you more alert for those afternoon classes or long work meetings.  And veggies and fruit … well, we know those are fantastic and few people eat enough.

Here are 5 simple ideas to get you started.

  • Pick up a rotisserie chicken (one of the most simple, yet key tips EVER) at the grocery store & slice it thin like a cold cuts, use a little mustard, sliced tomato, baby and spinach, add it to a sprouted grain tortilla wrap or pita pocket (we like Food for Life brand) and voila — perfect meal for kids and adults
  • Slice apples thin, put peanut butter in the middle — "apple sandwiches" (our 3 year old, Ella, LOVES this)
  • Mix a packet of salmon with mustard and mashed avocado, add celery and you’ve got a great meal.  Enjoy it with a side of fruit.  Great for adults, kids might be a bit pickier on this one.  But try it!
  • Pack some cottage cheese, fruit and nuts.  Great source of protein, healthy fruit and healthy fat from the nuts. 
  • Try a baggie of baby carrots and hummus.  Kids love dipping, so hummus is a much better option than most others!

There you have it.  Try those 3 simple tips to build a better lunch and any of the 5 ideas when putting it together (THE NIGHT BEFORE!)

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