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Archive | May, 2013

The Worlds Best Vegetarian Protein Sources

Last week we covered what we thought to be "the 10 worlds best protein sources."  With over 200 "likes" on Facebook, there was surely some solid interest that topic… … though several comments came through asking about vegetarian sources of protein. While quinoa was included in our list of 10, many of the others were […]

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The Worlds Best Protein Sources

There are a ton of great proteins available. And if you ask 10 different people what the BEST source of protein is, you’ll likely get 10 different answers.  But before we talk about the BEST protein sources, why does it even matter? The data continue to mound for the benefits of protein, with the majority […]

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What’s Gluten Got To Do With It?

Gluten is certainly all the rage. And considering May is Celiac Awareness Month, we thought there’s no time like the present to talk a bit about this ever so hot topic. From the ever so popular Paleo Diets popularized by Crossfit Gyms everywhere to celebrities claiming how going gluten free is the secret to weight […]

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Eat THIS to Decrease Cravings (cool new study)

Like fashion, diet trends come and go … …I surely can’t speak to fashion, but do follow the nutrition trends pretty closely. The most recent trend that is growing in popularity is skipping breakfast or, using the more ‘trendy’ terminology "intermittent fasting" where you fast for a period of time (12, 16, 20ish hours) and […]

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