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Archive | March, 2013

THIS Should be a Top Priority

I pulled up to the doctor’s office this morning with Sophia, our youngest daughter. She had a basic "Well Check" visit.  We were the second car in the parking lot… …and when I got out, I saw a dad and his daughter in the front of the car next to us eating their breakfast. They […]

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Food IS Medicine

I was recently on a trip to NJ. A guy named Sanjiv in my group told me he was recently diagnosed with diabetes. At the break, he pulled me aside and said "do you think I NEED to go on medication or can I cure this without?" I said, "Sanjiv, medication won’t cure anything.  It […]

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Four Simple Tips to Make You Better

Today I have four tips that I will help you get better.  For you that might mean healthier.  Maybe shed some pounds.  Or at least maintain the pounds you’ve already shed.  Regardless of your goals, there are a few simple nutrition tips and strategies that will benefit all of us. And none of them have […]

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