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Archive | August, 2012

The Truth About Belly Fat

Being overweight or obese surely puts you at a high risk for disease. But even more important than simply reading the number on the scale is where you carry your weight. Belly fat can kill you — it’s called visceral fat, and this article tells you how to get rid of it for good!

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5 “Health” Foods You Shouldn’t Eat

There are over 50,000 foods in any given grocery store. And the food industry spends billions each year marketing to you (and your kids). But unfortunately many of these so called "health" foods are nothing of the sort and can actually hurt you and your goals. Let’s cover 5 of them so you never get […]

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3 SIMPLE Tips to Build a Better Lunch

It’s back to school time. But whether you’re packing for yourself or for your kids, it doesn’t matter. The same basic principles apply. Sure, maybe it would be a bit weird if you showed up with a Dora yogurt in your lunch — as a 40 year old woman – but, to be honest, those […]

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