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Archive | October, 2011

Stop the Fat Loss Circus!

I mentioned the other day in our blog about being in Orlando last week … remember, the trip where I was  almost beat at my own game by Smoothie King? Well I was down there with a good friend — a superstar in the training world — Brett Klika.  He’s been quickly climbing the ranks […]

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**Weird** Body Transformation Tip

Eat low carb.  Eat low fat. Drink milk. Don’t drink milk. Grains are good.  Grains are bad. Eat whey protein.  Nope, only choose soy.  High fructose corn syrup is the devil.  Or is it artificial sweeteners? Nutrition can be confusing.  When you let it get to you… But *THIS* single factor may be the most […]

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Team Mohr Travels the World…

Wow, sorry for the long delay in updating this blog. Team Mohr has been traveling the globe talking nutrition … we spoke together in Iceland at the end of September.  Iceland has put together some mini symposiums the last few years and brought speakers over from the States. Last year I went and spoke about […]

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