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Archive | July, 2011

Coconut Oil — A Healthy Saturated Fat?

We’ve recently been BOMBARDED with questions about coconut oil … it is HOT and getting a ton of attention.  So, being that it’s my birthday, it was time to take a day off of blogging … and repost an earlier one that will hopefully answer many of the questions that we’re getting. ___________________________________ Last week […]

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How Your Thoughts Can Help You Lose Weight

What does it take to get in shape of your life?

The right food? Yup.

Smart exercise? For sure.

What about thoughts? If it were as easy as thinking “eat less, exercise more” we wouldn’t have the obesity epidemic we do now.

Your mind can make or break you — and knowing how to control it will change you!

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100 Calorie Snack “Packs” We LOVE!

Portions are out of hand. Restaurants.  At home.  Supersized fast food.  Soft drinks.  Everywhere.  Portions are OUT OF HAND! I was out to eat the other night at a business meeting and the restaurant offered a 14 oz steak … that’s just shy of 1 pound of meat.  And that was only the main course, […]

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Do You Believe?

I’m not talking about Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny or the Toothfairy. I’m talking about yourself.  Do you believe in YOU? We were recently doing a Facebook chat for Fitness Magazine.  All sorts of questions came up specifically about nutrition, weight loss, etc.  But peppered throughout — pretty frequently — there was a lot of […]

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Peeling Back the Wrappers of Energy Bars

I was recently on the road — up in Saskatoon Canada to learn all about canola oil (the majority of it is grown in that region).  Whenever we’re on the road, we always plan ahead and pack easy, portable foods — nuts, packets of salmon, durable fruit, etc.  But if in a major pinch, sometimes […]

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