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Archive | May, 2011

5 SIMPLE Memorial Day Tips for a Guilt Free BBQ

Memorial Day is the unofficial commencement of BBQ season—but it doesn’t also have to be the end of your healthy eating strategy. We published this over at and wanted to get you the information as well for wherever your Memorial Day plans may take you.   Use our tips to navigate a flavorful Memorial […]

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Count Down to Fitness Success and Keep Your Motivation Drive Alive

Got another great article from our trusted friend, Tom Venuto … we loved this article he wrote, so wanted to share it with you…fantastic take home points for permanent success!  __________________________ Count Down To Fitness Success And Keep Your Motivation Drive Alive By Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS There are many fantastic ways to get […]

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Kentucky Derby, Training, and YOUR Why

You may have heard that the Kentucky Derby is this weekend — Saturday, May 7th, to be exact. This week in Louisville is crazy … parties, Gala events, parades … and of course horse racing. We took Ella to some events around Derby so she could enjoy the horses, Parade, etc.  And she even made […]

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Whey Protein Boosts Metabolism?

I was reviewing some research for a project we’ve been plugging away at over here… …and came across a very cool new study published just last month about boosting fat loss: Protein choices targeting thermogenesis and metabolism. Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Mar;93(3):525-34) First, some background. Protein increases metabolism more than carbohydrates and fat.  So […]

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