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Archive | February, 2011

7 Belly Fat Busting Strategies

Losing belly fat isn’t impossible.  But there surely are some "tricks" that can make it more simple. The thought of dieting to lose belly fat is crazy — who wants to focus on everything you CAN’T eat? Instead, these belly fat blasting tricks are focused on all the simple, positive things you CAN do to […]

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Stevia — Hype or Hope?

Following up to the piece the other day about the safety of artificial sweeteners, time to cover another sweetener that comes from a plant and has made some serious waves in the nutrition market, as it’s commonly pitched as the "natural sweetener."  It’s Stevia. Is IT the answer to shedding body fat healthfully? Is it […]

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Can Diet Soda Cause Heart Disease?

You never saw it coming… You think you’re doing something good by switching from regular soda to diet. And, voila, first a study pops up suggesting it may lead to weight gain.  More recently, a study is presented suggesting it increases risk of developing heart disease by a wholloping FORTY EIGHT percent! What’s the deal? […]

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