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Archive | December, 2010

Best of 2010

Thank you for helping us make 2010 incredible… And we’re more than excited to create an even better 2011. We’re recapping our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2010, based on # of views and comments.. Did you have a favorite? #1: Making Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality: with nearly 100 comments and 10,000+ […]

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9 ‘Post Holiday Fat Loss’ Tips

We had such an amazing Christmas — so much fun with Ella and seeing everything through her eyes.  At 18 months old she’s still a tiny Amazing how fast time flies — the holidays are behind us — and 2011 is around the corner. This week is a huge planning week for most … maybe […]

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Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes — Try These!

Ahhh, we’re back in NJ hanging with my family for Christmas.  Ella is loving being with her Nonni and Grandpa.  We’re loving a little help with her and great cooking.  And it’s good to get a little R & R. This week is crazy with the holidays — but I had to take a second […]

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Goal Setting vs. Goal Achieving

We had an incredible response to our blog earlier this week asking to post your goals for 2011 … …over 120 comments on the blog and Facebook. Thank you — as I said, when you’re accountable, you’re successful. "What gets measured gets done."  Peter Drucker Today we wanted to talk more about some specifics — […]

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The Most Overrated “Nutrition” Term

Marketing is incredible. Savvy marketers can make a piece of garbage sound like a beautifully crafted million dollar piece of artwork.  They can also make even the most basic food sound unique and "fancy."  Let’s take French fries, for example.  Wendy’s has now switched their French fries to "Natural cut fries with sea salt." Sounds […]

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Can YOU “Afford” To Eat That?

I struggled with my weight a lot when I was younger. And now I do what it takes to maintain … I eat well and train on a regular basis.  But what’s interesting is that I often hear people say "oh, you can "afford" eating that, you’re lean."  Or "you exercise so much, it doesn’t […]

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