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Archive | October, 2010

7 SIMPLE Ways to Upgrade Your Diet

Anytime a person thinks about losing fat, it’s always about everything they have to "give up." I’m losing fat, so pizza is out the window.  So is cake, cookies, candy, ice cream, carbs, fat, cereal, alcohol, and so on. Truth is — let’s look at everything you CAN keep up versus focusing on the negative. […]

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3 Secrets to Lose Weight Permanently

It’s estimated that around 80% of those who have lost weight in the past … gain it all back (and more) after 2 years. Losing weight is actually easy. Maintaining that loss is the hard part. So how can you lose and maintain your weight loss permanently?? When looking at data from the National Weight […]

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Chile Miners & Vitamin D Deficiency

What a great story that unfolded over the last few days with all 33 of those trapped miners in Chile being saved!  A true miracle! It’s nice hearing some positive stories in the media vs. the usual negative ones that are broadcast throughout the world. Of course each of the men has to be checked […]

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This Boosts Obesity by 171%

It’s scary when a single "thing" that every single person out there has will increase the risk of becoming obesity … by 171% according to one study. Do you know what "IT" is? Your friends.  According to the Framingham Heart Study — an ongoing study that’s been following around 12,000 participants for decades — concluded […]

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