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Archive | August, 2010

Are You Poisoning Your Body?

This ingredient is like a diet related death sentence… Sound scary? It can be.  In fact, it is the single biggest dietary risk factor that causes over 100,000 deaths each year! A study published in April 2009 looked at preventable causes of death in the US… …and high salt intake accounted for more preventable deaths […]

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5 Slim Down Secrets while Eating Out

Eating out can be tough if you’re trying to eat clean and know what you’re putting in your body. You don’t know how the foods are prepared.  They often have "hidden" fat, sugar, and salt that can blow the calories through the roof. You’re surrounded by tempting foods and friends, spouse, kids, etc who may […]

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Your Favorite Food Might be Your Enemy

There’s not a single food (or group of foods) that reminds me more of when I was younger than cereal. My brother and I couldn’t get enough of the stuff.  For breakfast.  As a snack.  Before bed.  We ate cereal literally ALL the time.  We would mix them together to see what creation we could […]

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Drink More, Lose More

This might be the easiest weight loss tip in the entire world. Drink more water. OK, OK — seems way too basic.  Seriously, though, researchers at Virginia Tech recently finished a study that compared two groups of overweight men and women for 12 weeks. Both groups got the same diet recommendations But one group was […]

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Is Your Workout Making You Fat?

You workout. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Yet the scale doesn’t budge.  In fact, your jeans are getting a little tighter … ugggg, not really what the goal was, is it? This all came about from a conversation with a woman in our Mohr Results Boot Camp recently.  She was looking […]

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5 Lessons Learned from My Diet

Picture this. I’m sitting in a meeting at the Dairy Council — we had a meeting in Chicago last week. Not really the ideal client in terms of meal time choices when you’re trying to be a vegan for a week. But I started off strong because I planned ahead. I brought some homemade trail […]

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Egg Recall — Scary Stuff!

An Iowa company at the center of a massive recall of eggs linked to salmonella contamination dramatically broadened the nationwide recall on Wednesday to 380 million eggs.

The nationwide salmonella outbreak, which federal officials said was the largest of its type related to eggs in years, has sickened more than 250 people, according to news reports.

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