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Archive | July, 2010

27 Ways to Lose Fat, Look Great, and Feel Even Better

Have a clearly defined goal.  What do you want to achieve?  Put it down on paper.  Study it. Move at least 5 hours per week.  This is in addition to your structured exercise.  Those who train usually move for 1 hour/day and sit the rest.  Have a vegetable with every single meal.  At least 5 […]

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The Lost Art

We’ve have always said that weight loss is like a puzzle. Like any puzzle, there are a lot of pieces to put it all together. When it comes to weight loss, there is: Food Exercise Sleep Daily movement Genetics Hormones And many more… As you can see from that list, some of these puzzle pieces […]

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6 “Weird” Little Diet Tips

There’s nothing that surprises us anymore. After working with 1000’s of people to help them lose weight, we’ve literally heard it all. Today we thought we share some of our favorite "diet" ideas/statements/questions we’ve heard from various clients over the years … I have been following a no carb diet and ran out of ideas, […]

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Outsmart Your Own Stomach

If your mind believes you have double-sized that meal, your stomach will believe it, too. A new study suggests that the key to successful weight loss could depend simply on how filling we think food will be before we eat it.

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