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Archive | April, 2010

Biggest Nutrition Myths

Separating nutrition truth from myths is hard. I can’t eat carbs if I want to lose weight. I can’t eat after 6 PM to lose weight. So many nutrition for fat loss questions, fortunately we have answers!

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Do You Rationalize Your Behaviors?

How do you define rationalize?  You're not going to believe me when I tell you this story.  So sometimes after a cold morning at boot camp, we head over to our favorite coffee shop in town, Highland Coffee. It’s kind of like Cheers – where everyone knows your name – great place, great atmosphere, and […]

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Sorting thru Weight Loss Hype

"Lose fat fast with acai berry" "Just take 2 of these super X fat loss pills to shed fat overnight." Type "diet books" into and there are nearly 49,909 to choose from! With all of this information at your fingertips and 100's of books lining the shelves at local bookstores, it's difficult to decipher […]

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Our Favorite Fat Fighting Food?

There are surely a lot of foods that can boost fat loss, even for the busiest person who doesn't make time to plan ahead… …but this product really impresses us.  But rather than tell you what it is, we're going to give some hints and reveal the answer on Monday. So 4 clues — here […]

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