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Archive | January, 2010

Do You Create Solutions or Worry About Problems?

Life is about keeping things in perspective. Where is your focus? Where we are in Louisville, it’s pretty gray in the winter … more gray than sun.  And lately I’ve noticed more people complaining about the weather … “It’s SOOOO gray, I just want to crawl back into bed…” “It’s SOOO cold, I can’t leave […]

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Do You Get Your Nutrition Advice from Your Doctor?

the husband of a woman we work told us he recently lost 12 pounds pretty quickly. He went to his doctor and when asked what he did to lose weight, said “I ate fast food twice this week.” The doctor applauded him, suggesting that may have “jumpstarted” his metabolism enough to kick that weight loss into high gear.

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Are You Getting Enough?

But there’s more the obesity equation than just those two pieces. And it’s often forgotten in the quest for weight loss and simply optimal health. It is Sleep.

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The Most Evil Fat in the World

Dietary fat has received a ton of attention in the media — and for good reason. On one end of the spectrum, some dietary fats can ultimately kill you.  On the other, they can save your life. Today we're talking about those that can ultimately kill you — artificially created trans fat.    Biochemistry 101: […]

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Kitchen Stuff We Like

If you plan to lose fat permanently, you’re going to have to learn your way around the kitchen … at least a little. Here are some of our favorite tools that will help you do just that.

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