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Archive | August, 2009

5 Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss

Weight loss seems so simple. Eat less, exercise more.  Right?  When you’re trying to lose weight permanently, all you have to do is eat less an exercise more, right?  WRONG! Ask any of the 50 million individuals who are attempting to lose weight each year and they will tell you it is not that easy.  […]

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Sweet Surrender — Xylitol and Whey Low, Part 3

Xylitol (Malitol, and anything else ending in "…ol") These sweeteners are known as sugar alcohols.  Xylitol is found naturally in a few foods, like beets and corn.  It is also used to as a sweetener in many low sugar, "low carb" items … sugar free gums and many "energy bars" come to mind, but also […]

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Can you Lose Belly Fat if you Eat THIS?

There are over 30 names for sugar… …turbinado sugar, raw sugar, agave syrup, fruit paste, raw honey, malt syrup and many more. Of course we have our organic sugars too.  Are these any better if we’re trying to lose weight?  Ray from train2befit asked a question on the blog about the healthiest sugar options. Is […]

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How to Eat to Lose Fat

  You’re bored… …bored of the grilled veggies and chicken breast, the fish, or the yogurt and fruit for snacks.  Frankly, your fat loss meal plans stink.  I understand. Since this week is the newly named "Subscriber Appreciation Week" at the Mohr Results Offices, we’ve got some exciting goodies for you.  A chance to win […]

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